How it works?

Do I Need To Invest To Earn 

No  free members  can  earn  from surfing  the  traffic  exchange to build  your traffic  exchange  balance you can  also  earn  from the  daily paid  tasks   and  you can  aslo earn   by promoting your  refferal link to  your  friends Paid Members Will Have  Increased Earning  Potential  for  sure .

What Do I Need To Do To Be Qualified

To Qualify To Earn From Your Directs ( Up To 5 Levels Deep ) You must  login  and  click 2 PTC  ads Daily  as long  as you do that  you will be  qualified to earn from your  directs  the  following  day  no Clicks  no earnings  for  the  following  day  

Payment Methods

Currently  we offer   - Payeer - CoinPayments - Coinbase  USDT TRC-20, Ethereum  Litecoin And Bitcoin  Are  Payment  options 


No Refunds Will Be  Given  On Any Purchases  As  The  Funds Are  Divided Out Instantly To The  Members  A Purchase Is  Final  As Monies  Are  Payed Direct To The  Members In Commissions

Withdrawal Of Funds

NOTE We Are Paying In Every Currency Which Is Available At Your Withdraw Page. Expected Time for Withdrawal is Up to 72 Hours.

Login Ads

Maximum 3 log in ads (20 seconds) for sale  in any  one  day  those  ads  will show in rotation  you  will see  what  days  are fully booked  when  they are gone  there gone  first come  first  serve .

How does the  profit packs  work?

Digital Ad Pro Offers Three Different Adpacks. Each Adpack distribute hourly profit. In order to earn Profit, you must surf Daily 10 Surf Ads. More informations about Adpacks you can find on our Homepage , or in your Member Area. Revenue Sharing>AdPacks>Types.

Repurchase Rule?

Yes. We do have Repurchase Rule of 20%. All of your earnings will be distributed back to Purchase balance. This way we provide more advertsing content, sustainability and durability to our Advertising Platform.

Why Do I Need PIN?

Your PIN is your Security Key. You use your PIN to make Withdrawal request, Change Password, Email Address or any other Credentials.